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Who should become a member?

The business events industry is diverse, with a broad range of businesses benefiting from activities as a result of it. 

The Australian Business Events Association seeks members from all corners of the industry. It is key that all sized businesses are represented in our organisation. Therefore, we have an encompassing membership model that acknowledges the different needs and financial capabilities of members. 

We invite anyone who would like to benefit from the thriving Australian Business Events Association community to Join Now! 

Why should I become a member of the Australian Business Events Association?

Ultimately, everything the association does is designed for member prosperity.

The Australian Business Events Association will work for our members and the industry at large via the following overarching strategies:


Whilst the Australian Business Events Association has a national focus, it will work across both Federal and State levels. State focused Advocacy is core to the work and is linked to the need for bid support funds and necessary infrastructure. Discover our State and Territory Chapters.

Research and Policy

We will play a key role in addressing the shortage of research and underpinning policy development related to business events. A priority is to demonstrate to government and key stakeholders the value of the sector and to monitor and enhance the performance of the industry.

Industry Development

We will focus on enticing more people to join our industry, as well as the need to implement a model that encourages continual improvement of the businesses and the workforce.

Members Services

This includes core functions of networking and information sharing at both the State / Terriority and national levels, working to build community, and links with local industries.

Promotion of Industry & Association

This will focus on talent acquisition, and the promotion of the industry to all stakeholders through communication campaigns.

Political Traction

We will work to secure strong relationships with key state and federal ministers and industry leaders in and out of times of crisis. This is a key element and will underpin our long-term advocacy efforts.

We ask all members to sign a pledge to abide by the Code of Conduct

We seek to inspire, define and encourage members working to the highest professional standards. To become a members of the Australian Business Events Association we ask all applicants to sign a pledge to abide by the Code of Conduct.

READ the Code of Conduct