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About  the Australian Business Events Association

Who is the Australian Business Events Association and why does it exist?

The Australian Business Events Association Ltd is the leading industry body responsible for representing and supporting the prosperity of the organisations and people that work in, or benefit from the Australian business events sector.


The business events industry is a valued and powerful driver of the Australian economy.


To promote the business events industry and drive member prosperity through industry development, networking, research and advocacy.


Collaboration ​, Integrity ​, Respect ​, Innovation ​, Leadership ​, Sustainability

Our Five Core Pillars

Five core pillars will enable us to deliver our objectives on behalf of members and the industry at large. Each pillar is achieved through understanding member needs and the creation of programs, activities, and services to fulfil those needs.

Our Purpose

It was deemed that the duplication of services from numerous associations resulted in the poor use of industry funds and multiple advocacy voices created confusion with stakeholders and the watering down of our messages.

An industry of this size and importance needs a strong and robust industry association to commissions research, create policy, train its people, tackle sustainability, develop career paths, link with international and domestic trade opportunities and powerfully advocate to Government.

The directive from the business events community and the members was clear: we need a well-resourced consolidated association to be the voice of the industry. Research showed that 84% of the business events sector said they were in favour of a new entity to represent the industry and the Australian Business Events Association is the result.

It was formed through the unification of three existing and successful organisations; the Association of Australian Convention Bureaux (AACB), the Australian Convention Centres Group (ACCG), and the Exhibition & Events Association of Australasia Ltd (EEAA). Through the unanimous vote of their members, they each suspended their operations in favour of uniting to create this new entity.

ABEA Wheel of Pillars

 Multiple consultations revealed the industry wanted one organisation to:

  1. Educate and develop professionalism throughout the industry via unified and commercially viable conferences, events, awards, training and education programs
  2. Support key national issues such as workforce challenges, WHS, sustainability and leadership development
  3. Build a strong, mutually beneficial national community of event professionals that attracts others
  4. Represent the sector to state and federal governments
  5. Commission research to build strong advocacy, policy and economic positions
  6. Raise awareness and understanding of the sector, its impacts and importance
  7. Directly feed the state and territory-based challenges and solutions into the national conversation