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Business  Events

The business events industry is critical to our economy’s success. Business events enable all industries to come together to innovate, develop workforces and trade - resulting in prosperity for our economy and society.

The Australian business events industry generates $36 billion in direct economic benefit and employs an estimated 229,000 people directly*. 

It comprises tens of thousands of businesses ranging from multinationals to sole traders; it is far more than convention centres and event organisers.

Industry Reports and Reviews

There have been numerous reports and consultations conducted within the industry demonstrating its challenges and calls to unify.

How do you define a business event?

A business event is any public or private activity with a common interest or vocation, held online or in a specific venue/s and hosted by an organisation/s. This includes conferences, conventions, symposia, congresses, incentive group events, marketing events, special celebrations, seminars, courses, public or trade shows, product launches, exhibitions, company general meetings, corporate retreats, study tours or training programs.

How big is the business events industry in Australia?

The latest figures from FY2019, show that 43.7 million people attended one of the 484,000 business events held that year.

$11.1 billion was paid in wages to the 229,000 people directly employed by the industry. Countless others are indirectly supported by the industry.

The business events industry contributed $17.2 billion directly to the economy.

We seek to fund ongoing research to ensure we can measure our industry and its impact ongoingly.

Who makes up the Australian business events industry?

Industry Suppliers

The people and organisations who make events happen – this is the bulk of the industry

  • Travel, accommodation, bureaus, airlines etc
  • Venues, convention centres, showgrounds, unique venues etc
  • Event suppliers: AV, producers, technology, theming etc

The Event Host or Organisers

The client

  • Associations and NFPs
  • Corporate
  •  Government

Government and Government Agencies (state and federal)

  • Responsible for policy affecting the industry
  • Grants and financial support