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Silver Member

Silver Membership is designed to ensure small businesses have an opportunity to be an active and a valued member of the Australian Business Events Association.

Business size is typically used to determine this level of membership.  Membership Tier fees are designed to be equitable based on business size and income.  

Silver Tier 1, Silver Tier 2, Silver Tier 3, Silver Tier 4

Silver Tier 1

Typically $5+ mil turnover or more than 15 staff

Silver Tier 2

Typically $1.5+ mil turnover or more than 7 staff

Silver Tier 3

Typically up to $1.5 mill turnover or 1 to 6 staff

Silver Tier 4

Sole Trader (with ABN)

Benefits of Silver Membership

Advocacy – Receive the benefits of all Advocacy programs designed to benefit the industry and its prosperity.  As a member you are invited to share your thoughts, views and opinions on issues you believe require attention and contribute those views to the Board via the CEO.  The Advocacy agenda is broad and will require effort at national and state levels of government.

Industry Policy – Industry Policy (rather than Association Policy) is developed in preparation of approaches made to governments or other stakeholders. This Policy outlines the Association view on behalf of the industry, as to what is desired by the industry from political or other decision-making stakeholders.  Silver Members will be invited provide submissions or feedback to specific Industry Policy projects.

Research Development – Research proves our industry with the provable facts that empower the Association to lobby or push for industry benefiting change.  The research needs to be fit-for-purpose and a true all-encompassing process to meet the research objective.  As a Silver member, you will be invited to contribute and receive the research results.

Our Leaders Forum will provide a broader opportunity for the management teams of business members to gather.  Your business will have the opportunity to purchase seats at these special events.

Our annual Conference will be comprehensive and inclusive of subject matters of interest to all industry sectors.  As a Silver member you and your staff will be invited to participate.  Registrations will be available for purchase at a member’s price.

A celebration of our industry allows us to recognise our successes and reward those that have exceeded during the year.  Our Awards and Gala Dinner will occur annually.  As a Silver member we would welcome your participation.  Tickets will be available for purchase at a member’s price.

Networking & Social functions will occur throughout the country.   As a Silver member you will receive invitations to these events.  Whilst some will be offered gratis, others will be offered at a member’s price.

Education & Training will be offered during the year on various subject matters.   The programs will be developed and delivered as needed and as a Silver Member you will be able to participate at a member’s price.

Member Listing & Promotion of your Business.   As a Silver Member your contribution is seen as valuable contribution to industry. In appreciation of your Silver membership, you will be recognised on the Association webpage and any other member published member listings.